mendelson OFTP2 license, enterprise HA, subscription, 12 mo

5,148.00 €

mendelson OFTP2 license supports the OFTP2 communication for your environment.

The number of connections, partners, local stations and transactions is unlimited.

Cluster capable, Java, Cross-Platform

Additionally you will get the REST API plugin, PostgreSQL database plugin, and the HA (high availability) plugin.

The database plugin allows you to replace the internal supplied HSQLDB database with an external database system (PostgreSQL), which of course can also run on another system.

The HA (high availability) plugin allows you to combine several mendelson OFTP2 systems in a redundant cluster and thus obtain both fail-safety and scaling of performance.

More product details

The subscription license price is 429,- Euro per month.

The Support and Maintenance Package(SMP) is included.

The price for one year is 5 148,- Euro.

Prices are in EUR, without taxes.

Please use this link if you want to buy it for less then one year.