mendelson AS4 enterprise package

mendelson AS4 enterprise package
Includes a license of the AS4 software plus a second license plus support & maintenance plan (SMP) for 1 year and 1 trusted key valid for 1 year.
The number of partners and transactions is unlimited.

3,890.00 €
mendelson AS4 license

mendelson AS4 license
Supports the AS4 communication for your environment.
The number of partners and transactions is unlimited.

2,090.00 €
Support & Maintenance Plan Renewal AS4

SMP Renewal for mendelson AS4 software
Renew your Support & Maintenance Plan for your mendelson AS4 software.

376.20 €
Trusted certificate

Trusted Digital Certificate
For data exchange, document and email signing & encryption and internet application protection. Certificates issued by mendelson CA ensure security and interoperability with your business partners. It is possible to select the certificate validity time - available are 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 5 years.

180.00 €

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